Saturday, August 8, 2015

Broccolini and Brasscias

I was reading an article or it might have been a gardening tip somewhere that suggested removing the seed leaves or the first set of leaves and planting your brasscias into the soil up to the base of the first set of true leaves, so here goes.



Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Coming Season

Getting ready for the coming growing season can mean only one thing here at My Veggie Garden, seeds.

This year I'm taking a different path to the one I usually take.

After reading David Glenn's, from Lambley Nursery, spiel on growing F1 hybrid tomatoes for improved yield and increased disease resistance I've purchased two packets of tomato seeds to trial here in My Veggie Garden.

Lambley Nursery is set around an old farmhouse in the hot dry wind swept plains of the central Victorian Goldfields so it will be interesting to see how they do in my, usually hot and humid summer.

 At around a dollar per seed they could be considered expensive but I consider it a small price to pay, for if they do crop well it will be a good investment.
The two Tomato varieties I'll be trying are,
On the Lambley Nursery web site, David Glenn goes on to say,

"If you are having trouble growing a good crop or indeed any crop at all of “heirloom” tomatoes or seedling tomatoes bought from garden centres or big box stores you will be joining a growing band of gardeners.  The answer is to plant disease resistant varieties. 

We trialled 10 varieties of disease resistant hybrid tomatoes and the 3 listed below were the best for taste and for disease resistance. I was still picking good, ripe, full size tomatoes at the end of April. 

The seed of modern, good flavoured, disease resistant tomato hybrids is expensive but it more than pays for itself in the vastly improved production of ripe tomatoes."

I've also ordered other seeds that I will trial for myself as well, these include,
I'm keen to get started and can't wait to see the results but I'll be posting as I sow and plant and hopefully have a bountiful harvest to share.

Lambley Nursery has a good reputation among my circle of gardening friends and my seeds arrived well packaged and inside the two week time frame I was advised to expect.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Happy days.

Three eggs from the girls.

Yay, we're back in business again.

Happy days.



Saturday, August 1, 2015

New Potatoe Patch

Stand back trendsetters. I've got some serious digging to do. ‪#‎newpotatopatch‬

Busy morning digging a new potato patch in the neighbours yard.

Hard Virgin soil, 16 bags of stable horse manure and an hour later and I'm all done. Even had to break out the mattock at one stage,

Leave it sit for a week and I'll add a couple of wheelbarrow loads of compost with some blood and bone and turn it again.

Leave it sit for another week and I'll be planting spuds.

I think they're chitting themselves. #badpun #baddadjoke

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bees baby, bees.

To bee or not to bee, I can't decide. Though a decision might be getting closer.

I've been a member of the Southern Beekeepers Assn for a couple of years now though I've only attended a few meetings.

But now, with my new job, more spare time and some spare money, I'm beginning to think it's time to take the plunge and get myself a hive or two.

I do feel there is a great responsibility to the bees in keeping bees. I want to be sure they can look after themselves if I go away for any period of time. I'd also like to gain enough knowledge in beekeeping to be aware of any encroaching problems or needs the bees might have.

The the time I have spent with the other members of the Southern Beekeepers Assn. thay have always been very friendly and helpful so I feel sure I wont be left in the dark at any stage.

I'll go to the next Southern Beekeepers meeting and see if I can make some positive steps in the direction on having a hive or two. bee continued....

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Twinkle 'Yellow Fantacy.'

Once I'd melted the ice from the windscreen we, my daughter and I, had a nice, uneventful, run down the hill into Brissy.

Still fairly cool when we arrived at the Mt. Coot-tha Botanic gardens.

We made our way to the John Oxley District Orchid Society Inc. Orchid show only to find that we didn't have any cash and they didn't have any electronic means of taking our money. So back to the car to find an ATM and then back to the show.

This was our first Orchid show so I've no idea if it was big, small, good or bad but I did enjoy the Orchids they had on display.

We also sat in on an Orchid potting lesson and got to ask a few questions about some pressing orchid issues like, why is that one smaller than this one and will this live in Toowoomba? All of which they were happy to answer for us. They were very friendly and helpful.

Also you don't go to an Orchid show and walk away empty handed so I bought two booklets, one for beginners and one on Cattleyas, some plant labels and a pen.

I also bought my self an Orchid called Twinkle 'Yellow Fantacy.'

My Orchid adventure may only just be beginning because the Toowoomba Orchid Society is holding their show this coming weekend too and I thing I'll have to attend.

Yellow Fantasy

Cheers for now,