Sunday, October 19, 2014

Freckle the Lettuce update.

 I know you're all dieing to know how Freckle the lettuce is getting on so here's a few photo updates.

S/he's a very easy care lettuce, basically a little liquid fertiliser ans regular watering and s/he's very happy.

I pinched a few leaves from the outside of one plant to make a salad and you'll be surprised to know s/he tastes much like a lettuce.  
 S/he's getting a good size about them so it's about time I started a second sowing so I don't run out.

Cheers and happy veggie gardening


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Thank heaven for eBay.

 Thank heaven for eBay.

I busted the cheap plastic handle on my favorite spade and searched the whole town over for a replacement handle with no luck.

*Note to Cyclone tools. I love your stuff and nearly buy your tools exclusively but your quality is slipping a little.

Anyway, a search revealed someone selling new replacement plastic D handles and an order was sent.

Above order was greatfully received yesterday and fitted like a glove.

Thank-you eBay.

This isn't a full sized spade but the smaller border spade which suits my smaller veggie garden.. It get used for planting and edging and a myriad of other jobs around the garden.

So, very happy I was able to repair it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Flower Power

All veg and no flowers makes Stewart a dull boy so I bought myself three each of the lilies you see below and one Dahlia.

 I'm blaming Van Diemen's Bulbs for their enticing catalogue.

I've had lilies before but they have gone the way of the Dodo.

Mainly due to my poor prep and care, so this time I'm determined to give them all the care they need and then some.

 The following descriptions are from Van Diemen Bulbs web site and catalogue.

Avandrud - OT Lilium

Oreintal Trumpet lilies have well and truly delighted gardeners and flower growers alike with their robust characteristics and huge blooms. They are better suited to Australian conditions than Orientals because they require less cooling and will cope with more heat, making them perfect for areas with hot Summers. They are such good growers that they commonly grow very tall, some up to 2m+ after a few years.  All OT's are last Summer flowering.

Souvenir - Pot Oriental Lilium

 Perfect for pots and planting towards the front of the bed. These great plants average half the height of ordinary liliums. Potting lilies are very popular in Europe where they have more limited space. Light up your own courtyard with fabulous colour.

Bacardi - Oriental Lilium

 These big, bold and fragrant lilies create a real show. Bred for their cut flower properties, you can expect many buds of stunning flowers in the vase or the garden. They are easy to grow and will reappear year after year. Plant in the back of garden beds for height or in large pots. Late Summer flowering.

Romeo - Dahlia

 An international favourite single. Dark red blooms over dark foliage. Smaller plant.



Sunday, October 12, 2014

Toowoomba area Backyard Veggie Growers Group, meeting

Great afternoon at Bianca and Peter's veggie garden for this afternoon's Toowoomba area Backyard Veggie Growers Group get together with Ken and Alison, Kate, Polly Oz and me. With apologies from Trevor and Niamh.

They're, Bianca and Peter, on 3/4 of an acre in Highfields and make use of just about every square inch of it too. Several varieties of tomato and potato are planted and just about every other veg you can think of is there too.

As well as a large selection of fruit trees including many varieties of citrus and apples.

I'm keen to go back and have another look in summer when it has grown and is in all it's glory.

A few pics I took while wondering around barely scrape the surface of this large sprawling veggie garden.

Next meeting is at my place on the 9th of the 11th. I'll set up an event memo in the next few days. You can find out more about their next meeting on their Facebook group page. Toowoomba area Backyard Veggie Growers Group

And as a special treat we got to try Bianca's delicious Spinach and fetta pie and scones with mulberry jam.



I got the job.

I got the job.

Let the gardening and the maintaining begin.

Happy little veggie gardener.



Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Gardener/maintenance job

It looks nothing like this. I just like it.
After applying for a Gardener/maintenance job that popped up on my Facebook feed and after getting an initial interview I made a 'short list' and today I completed a requested, volunteer day of work.

I have no idea how it went from their perspective but I enjoyed myself, gave it my best and now I get to wait for their phone call after A talks to B and then A needs to talk to C.

I'm pretty chuffed to just be in this position after the last six or seven years of illness and poor health and considering all that I'm even more pleased with where I am.

The icing on my cake will be if I'm offered the job. 

Let the waiting begin.

And some of the benefits if I do compared to driving a cab.

Sick pay✔️ holiday pay✔️ public holidays✔️ Superanuation✔️ 17 hrs per week less work✔️ and about 10k per annum more. Oh and no more GS f*#king T.

It's win, win, win baby!

Cheers and here's to waiting